The mission of this ministry is to extend Mt. Pleasant’s outreach both locally and globally. This ministry shall produce high quality recordings our services and functions of this ministry as appropriate. These recording shall be across all formats.  (e.g. CD, DVD, downloadable files).

The preservation of the sermon, Bible studies, conferences, services, etc. on these mediums is an effective spiritual educational tool.  It also serves as a means of retaining valuable Biblical knowledge.

All Bible studies, sermons, and other pertinent information from seminars, lectures, workshops, etc. will be available on all of the aforementioned mediums.

This ministry shall promote the marketing, advertising, and selling of these CDs, DVDs and downloadable files both locally and globally.  This will include the design and layout of all labels and covers for the containers that hold the recorded media.


  • Provide for sale, in a prompt fashion, preferably after the conclusion of the recorded event.
  • Maintain an up-to-date catalog of all recorded mediums.
  • Understand and keep abreast of the latest technology of recording and duplication equipment through continual education and training.
  • Be sensitive to the flow of the Holy Spirit to capture the essence of what the Lord is imparting.
  • Offer training classes for those that are interested in learning these methods of communication.

For more information, Contact Jimmy Jackson, (919) 901-8201.


Mission: The Barnabas Ministry is derived from Acts 11: 22-26. The Church of Antioch received the guests and discipled them. A principal leader in this process was an elder named Barnabas. His name means “son of encouragement”.  The Barnabas Ministry is a ministry of encouragement.

The Barnabas Ministry will:

  • Provide our guests with an opportunity to greet our church family.
  • Inform guests what to expect during our Sunday morning service.
  • Distribute information on our ministry.
  • Familiarize them with the layout of the church.
  • Encourage our guest to join us in the worship experience.
  • Inform them that prayer is in process on Sunday Mornings from 10:30-11:00 a.m.
  • Serve our guests coffee, juice and refreshments.
  • Make our guest feel welcome.
  • Maintain an accurate data base for all of our guests.
  • Contact first-time guests within 24 hours after attendance.

Values: This ministry requires people with a heart for service, a friendly, caring attitude and an inviting disposition.

The Barnabas Ministry serves half an hour before and after each Sunday morning. The ministry also serves during repast, festivals and general church meetings.

Please contact Deacon Steve Reed for further information, (919) 333-6715.

Crossroads Young Adult

Connect & Challenge

Saul was a well-known and vicious persecutor of the early Christian church. However, in Acts 9 he had an encounter with Christ in the form of a blinding light. After this experience, Paul (renamed from Saul) transformed to become one of the most influential disciples of Christ.

Similarly, we believe that when young adults have an encounter with Christ, their lives are transformed. Our goal is to lead young adults to Spirit-filled encounters that connect them with Christ and challenge them to act on a deeper level of faith.

The Crossroads Ministry is for young adults ages 20-27 and consists of  three elements that rotate on a 16-week schedule:

Crossroads Connect (Life Groups)

  • What: Discussion-based meetings to learn and apply God’s word to our lives. We will focus on one or two specific topics during each 16-week period.
  • When: 7-8:30 p.m., every other Wednesday

Crossroads LIVE (Worship Services)

  • What: Special evening services filled with creative expressions of praise and worship. Designed to lead young adults to worship in spirit and truth.
  • When: At the conclusion of the 16-week Connect Life Group period

Crossroads Encounter (Retreat)

  • What: Getaway experience to focus on Christ, spiritual development and issues of young adults.
  • When:  Check with leaders for details.

How do you stay connected? Join our Facebook group to receive reminder notifications about our ministry events and connect with other young adults.

Ministry contacts:

Church Without Walls

Vision: Church Without Walls is a ministry that serves the community through continual witnessing programs that will effectively reach the heart of people in order to lead them to Christ.

Mission: The Church Without Walls Ministry strives to seek and save the lost through effective evangelism. The purpose of this ministry is to lead the lost to Christ, to preach and model the life-changing power of our Savior and take the church to the community at large.

We are challenged to fulfill the Great Commission according to Matthew 28:18-20.  It is the goal of Church Without Walls to set in place a foundation of believers that will focus on leading the lost to Christ.  As we lead them to Christ, we will build an army of disciples that will help turn the community at large and world to Jesus Christ.


WE CAN – no excuses

WE SHALL – Obey the command to go

WE WILL -By the power of relationship with God and each other. (Matthew 28:18-20)

Examples of Evangelistic Outreach:

  • Manna & Quail — Ministering to the homeless. 
  • Outside service — Ministering to the lost through the preaching and teaching of the word; one-on-one witnessing;  sharing the message through songs and personal testimonies.
  • Health Fair — Promoting good health habits for the body of Christ and our neighborhood community with health screenings that consist of blood pressure, cholesterol screening, nutrition and fitness awareness. 
  • Yard Sale-Food Give Away — Promoting an opportunity to talk one-on-one with neighborhood residents and share the gospel message of Christ.
  • Prayer Walks
  • Soles for Jesus – Distributing shoes to the needy.
  • Operation Bundle Up – Distributing gloves and scarves to the needy.

We meet as announced.

For more information, contact Reverend Lynwood Swann, (919) 475-9851.

Covenant Brothers

Vision:  The vision of the Covenant Brothers Ministry is simply to “connect and lead”. We connect our young and older men, and connect to other men in our community and other churches. We  develop tenacious leaders and skilled men of character who are empowered to mentor, teach, equip and encourage other brothers in the Word of God.  We are connected to one another by a covenant relationship.

Mission: The name implies that we are men of covenant, worth, quality and strength.  We are first spiritual leaders and we are the friends of God and the pastors of Mt. Pleasant Worship and Outreach Center.

We are strong men dedicated to God, our families, our church and our community.

As it relates to the ministry: We will hold up the standards of the Word of God and our church’s vision.  We will support our Men of Valor Men’s Conference and work diligently to bring to fruition the objectives set each year.

As it relates to God’s kingdom: We are movers and shakers with a unique understanding that the kingdom is “within us,” and endeavor to seek the kingdom first to come to a full awareness of what the kingdom entails. With this knowledge and power, we shall teach the Word, cause the blind to see, lame to walk, the dumb to talk, and raise the dead.

As it relates to our families: We will build our homes into God-ordered homes, establishing the man as the primary responsible party for the household and for creating an environment of equal partnership with our wives.  We will establish a home wherein our children will feel loved, developed and protected.

As it relates to our community: We feel that we must break the generational curses upon us and our families and the children of our community and destroy the deception of the enemy.

As mentors: We are dedicated to becoming role models and examples to the young men in our church and other men in our communities.  We are trailblazers in that we lead the way for other men to follow.  Instead of stepping in someone’s else shoes to live out their vision, we’ve brought our own shoes.

Covenant Brothers meets every second Sunday at 9:00 am in the trailer behind the church.

For more information, contact Apostle Phillip Walker, (919) 833-5960.

Esteem Praise & Worship

 Mission: The mission of the Esteem Praise and Worship Ministry is to usher in the presence of God’s glory during worship services. They set an atmosphere of expectancy and faith in God in preparation for the preaching of the Word.

We exemplify a spirit of unfeigned fervent praise to God for His mercy toward us.  We sincerely worship God in the reality of spirit and truth as we have been made alive by His Holy Spirit.

For more information, please contact Evelyn Green, (919) 971-0019.

Fit for Life Seniors

Mission: Provides support services for the elderly based on a spiritual and relational level. We offer opportunities for fellowship, togetherness and sharing of thoughts and ideas relative to today’s seniors.


  • To find a sense of belonging in and out of the ministry.
  • To develop a bond of support in group gatherings.
  • To enjoy time together in fellowship and prayer.
  • To venture out on outings and interact with other seniors.
  • To be a blessing to the ministry by helping others in prayer, giving, etc.
  • To be able to freely voice questions/opinions, and seek God together for answers.

 Target audience: All men and women, ages 55 and older.

We meet every fifth Saturday from noon to 1 pm in the Lois Hinton Fellowship Hall of MPWOC.

For more information, contact Evangelist Brendora King, (919) 417-2359.

Foreign Missions

We believe in taking the gospel throughout the world and have done so for more than a decade. To read about our experiences, click here.

For more information, please contact Evangelist Bonita Womack, (919) 219-5026.




Hearts Aglow Marriage

Vision: To be a marriage ministry that will produce strong healthy marriages that will have a spirit of oneness and will minister to the needs of other marriages.

Values (Ephesians 5:21-33):

  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God and is our final authority in all matters.
  • The marriage/relationship has a divinely ordained purpose.
  • What God has joined together no one or nothing shall come between.
  • There are no perfect marriages, but there are healthy marriages.
  • A husband and wife should practice mutual acceptance and open communication, even when disagreeing.
  • There should be unwavering commitment to God and each other.
  • Fostering a spirit of forgiveness.
  • Passionate sexual intimacy is part of having a great marriage and a way in which to celebrate God’s gift of sex.

 Areas of Interest 

  1. Marriage Enrichment Meetings. The Marriage Enrichment Meetings will be spent discussing relevant topics of concern with marriage and how to develop a healthy marriage.
  2.  Social Events. The Marriage Enrichment Social Events will be a time for couples to come together to have fun, enjoy each other and learn to work together.  Events include bowling, fun days at the park (picnic w/games), Putt-Putt golf, dinners, hiking etc.  There will also be time of dining together (romantic dinners) and a day of love (around February 14).
  3.  Workshops. The Marriage Enrichment Workshops will be held at scheduled retreats.

Meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the Friday before the second Sunday of each month in the Lois F. Hinton Fellowship Hall.

For more information, contact Minister Katrina Swann, (919) 475-4134.

Impact Drama

Mission: To minister the gospel to individuals through spirit-filled drama performances using real life issues. We will challenge and impact lives while putting God first.  Our productions will cross all cultural boundaries, denominations, and nationalities as the Holy Spirit directs.

Goals: To produce drama productions that:

  • Deal with real life issues.
  • Are hard-hitting and thought-provoking.
  • Minister the gospel to the lost with an evangelistic message.
  • Encourage the body of Christ.

Previous Productions include:

  • Aint Nobody Prayin’
  • Girl Have You Lost Your Mind (Part 1 and 2)
  • The Defeated Preacher
  • Cold, Cold, Christmas (Part 1 and 2)

 For more information, please contact Deaconess Toni Caviness, (919) 833-5960.

Intercessors Choir

Our vision is to intercede through music and song into the lives of people, to lift up our voices in spiritual warfare and worship.

We require 5 commitments for membership:

  • Commitment to rehearsal.
  • Commitment to punctuality and participation. All choir members are expected to arrive on time to services on Sunday morning and ready to sing the opening song.  It is strongly encouraged that all choir members strive to arrive ahead of time to spend time in prayer and meditation before ministering.
  • Commitment to accountability. Timely advance notification of absences for rehearsals and worship services is expected.
  • Commitment to growth in the Word. Choir members are encouraged to participate in Bible study and LDC classes to continuously learn the Word of God.  As you obtain knowledge of what the Word of God says, your spirit is strengthened while empowering you to sing with the anointing.  It is a great one-two punch to participate in both.
  • Commitment to a great attitude. We are looking for GREAT attitudes, a sense of humor, and people that are willing to work hard.  The attitudinal posture while one is rehearsing or singing goes a long way in ministering.

We meet at 10:30 a.m. on the Saturdays before the fourth and first Sundays of each month.

For more information, contact Evelyn Green, (919) 971-0019.

Laughing Out Loud Puppets

Mission: The mission of the Laughing Out Loud Puppet Ministry is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in short skits using various types of hand puppets. The presentations are tailored to the audience, but most of what we present is for children and older youth.

The attention span of children is significantly extended and the learning curve is enhanced as the gospel is presented in real-life situations with a comedic flare.

Depending on the audience, the skits will present practical and relevant information in a form that is entertaining and exciting.

Some of the topics presented are on salvation, the Holy Spirit, peer pressure, why Christians do not celebrate Halloween, the real meaning of Christmas, and others.

For more information, contact Apostle Phillip Walker, (919) 833-5960.

Manna and Quail

MQ1Mission: We minister to the homeless and the hungry as our Lord commissioned us (Matthew 25:35-40).  In addition to providing a hot nutritious meal, we will creatively minister relevant teaching and sound Biblical lessons to inspire, encourage, and evangelize.

Purpose: The purpose of the Shepherd’s Table Ministry is to demonstrate the love of God by providing food for the hungry and praying that the Lord will open the door of opportunity that souls will be saved.


  • Food Pantry: Stock a Food Pantry that will be available to members in need as well as non-members on designated dates and times (to be announced).
  • Have other MPWOC ministries (LOIK, IMPACT Drama) and churches assist with the ministry effort.
  • Understand the institutions that are available to help these individual in need get back on their feet.

The meeting schedule is posted annually based on need and available opportunities given by the community transitional ministries.

For more information, contact Elie Enoicy, (919) 756-1288.

New Convert

Mission: We mentor newly saved believers in the first steps of their Christian journey. We help them to establish a firm spiritual foundation by equipping them with the basic Christian fundamentals.

We provide six weeks of mentoring designed to do the following:

  • Further discuss the new believer’s commitment to Christ.
  • Help them understand the spiritual, relational, and economical aspects of Christianity.
  • Help new believers understand salvation means a personal relationship with Christ.
  • Connect them with other Christians in the body of Christ.
  • Show the importance of becoming a part of a church family.
  • Provide the new believer with a Bible and familiarize him/her with how to use it.
  • Help them memorize some basic scriptures.

 Please contact Deaconess Carol Reed for further information, (919) 333-6381.

Women of Excellence

Vision: We holistically develop women to experience real life through the power of God, the knowledge of His word and the fulfillment of His purpose.

As His divine power has given unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue. 2 Peter 1:3  (NKJ)

Mission: We strive for spiritual and relational excellence in work, home, church, and community.

Opportunities to Connect: 

  • Women’s Conference
  • Relationship Series
  • Fellowship breakfast/lunch
  • Outreach Projects
  • Fitness
  • Prayer Breakfast
  • Women of Excellence Choir
  • Impact Drams Ministry
  • Women’s Conference Banquet

 For more information, please contact Co-Pastor Vickie Walker, (919) 833-5960.

Youth on the Move for Christ

Mission: We will introduce and creatively teach our youth worship, prayer, character building, and biblical principles on their level. We will help our youth to establish a meaningful relationship with God and continue to build respectful relationships with other people (e.g. parents, siblings, friends, community, etc.).  Our desire is to help them discover the champion within themselves in a creative, fun-filled, and challenging spiritual environment.

There are four youth initiatives:

  1. Laughing out Loud Puppet Ministry
  2. Lil’ Hands of Worship
  3. Youth On the Move Conference
  4. Youth Church morning worship (2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays) 

The Youth On the Move “Ten Commandments”: 

  1. I will learn sound biblical principles for lifelong living.
  2. I will discover that even in my youth, God has a purpose and plan for my life.
  3. Confess my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. Boldy portray godly conduct and character.
  5. Understand the meaning of praise and worship.
  6. Have an understanding of the necessity of a prayer life.
  7. Learn how to walk in purity and be sexually abstinent.
  8. Respect my parents.
  9. Keep God first in all areas of my life.
  10. HAVE FUN!!!!

For more information, contact Apostle Phillip Walker, (919) 833-5960.