S.O.A.R. 110 (Strategically Organized for Action and Results in the 27601 and 27610 ZIP codes) is a collaborative group of churches and non-profits that desire to see significant change in the gang crisis affecting our city. Spearheaded by Mt. Pleasant, S.O.A.R. 110 provides young men an alternative to gangs, violence, and crime by offering an employment and life skills program, coupled with mentorship. Classes cover topics such as career planning, skills training, understanding the life journey, overcoming roadblocks to success, conflict resolution, and job search techniques. Successful graduates learn how to land and keep permanent jobs and live more productive lives.

SOAR 110 graduates increase their chances of landing permanent jobs by developing interviewing and teamwork skills, and a work ethic that make them desirable to employers. Participants receive assistance with finding jobs by networking with businesses that are “felon friendly”.