What kind of church is Mt. Pleasant Worship & Outreach Center?
Mt. Pleasant is an independent, nondenominational church. Our body of believers comes from many denominations and backgrounds. We partner with denominations, groups, and organizations that offer vital assistance in helping us accomplish our mission in various areas, such as community development and world missions. We believe that all believers should be empowered spiritually, economically, and relationally. Mt. Pleasant also provides a spiritual covering to other churches that wish to be a part of our Tree of Life Covenant Partnership.

What can I expect at Mt. Pleasant?
You can expect a group of people that will love and welcome you for who you are. You will see people from all different walks of life moving forward in their journey with Christ. You will find a contemporary worship experience that is lively and relevant, teaching that is helpful and inspiring, and an environment where you can come as you are and be accepted for who you are. In short, you will find a place where you can be comfortable just being you. Feel free to sit, stand, sing, dance, or just listen as we express our worship to God using all of our hearts, minds, souls, and bodies. We display the lyrics to all songs to help you follow along. We offer a time of prayer for any needs you may have before each service concludes.

How do I join?
Since we have and will attract members from many different church backgrounds, we offer a New Member’s Class on the first, second, third, and fifth Sundays. These classes are designed to help you understand our vision, mission, strategy, structure and doctrinal beliefs, and assist you with integration into our church family. We believe that the Bible encourages us to be devoted in fellowship to a local community of believers (Hebrews 10:25).

How do I get baptized at Mt. Pleasant?
The Bible teaches that baptism is the first step of obedience after having placed your faith in Christ. It does not have any special power to wash away our sins, but is a public demonstration of an inward faith in Jesus. It is a requirement that every member of Mt. Pleasant be baptized if he/she has not been since receiving Christ. Our method of baptism is as Jesus commanded (Matthew 28:19). We do not baptize infants. However, we offer a dedication service for children. If you would like to get baptized, please send us your request via our Contact Us page, or call us at (919) 833-5960.

What if I have more questions about Mt. Pleasant?
We will take the time to answer all of your questions. Please send us your question(s) through our Contact Us page, or call us at (919) 833-5960.