Nairobi, Kenya 2017 Mission Trip

General Information 

Our Vision

Our vision is to assist three churches in Nairobi, Kenya with capacity-building, children’s ministry and expansion as they continue to reap the harvest of their city.

Our primary sister church partner will be Overcoming Faith Church (Pastor – Bishop Peter Nudugu) located in Nairobi, Kenya.

How We Minister

Jesus instructs his disciples to not just tell people about the love of God, but to show them His love. Since this is our first time in doing a mission trip to this country, we will be primarily investigating opportunities to partner with World Overcoming Faith.

Opportunities in 2017

Taking the gospel to another country is an experience that offers opportunities to minister that are different than what might be effective in outreach efforts in the United States. There are three additional partner churches located within about an hour’s drive of OFC.

Our intent is twofold: We want to minister so that people are blessed in practical ways and we want to bring a message of hope that can turn their hearts toward God and His saving power. When our missionaries address those in need with loving kindness, they experience a facet of the abundant life God intends for each of His followers. Our team leaders are committed to preparing team members throughout the summer for effective ways of doing the ministry.

Date for Missions Trip

The expected dates for this trip will be September 22-30, 2017.

Cost of Trip

The estimated cost of the trip will be approximately $1,600.00. We strongly encourage you to use the Missions package that we will provide to assist with your fundraising. This amount will cover airfare, lodging, visa and. entry/exit fees. This amount will not cover the required immunizations, souvenirs, passport, or excursions.

Information on City

Further information on the city of Nairobi, Kenya can be found at: