20164siteWe are entering a very critical time for the Church as America will be electing a new president. We will also see an increase in violence, immorality, secularism, and humanism. Many are saying today that the Church is no longer relevant and its message lacks power to sway the masses. Somehow the relevant has become irrelevant.

As it was in the final days of Noah before the flood, so it is today. Noah’s voice and the ark that he was building could not have been more important to the people of his time. In that final year before the flood, there were 360 calendar days in the year. Hence the number 360 is a unit of Scriptural measurement that indicated a time when prophecy would be fulfilled.

God’s purpose and plan is unfolding at a rapid pace. The Church cannot afford to be complacent or distracted in these critical times.  Mt. Pleasant Worship & Outreach Center’s theme for 2016 is “360 – The Year of Prophetic Fulfillment”. What does this mean for our church?

We are expecting to see the fulfilling of prophecies that have been given to us by many credible pastors, bishops, and leaders in 2016. We are expecting God to bring to fruition – i.e., full circle – many of the corporate prophetic promises in this year of uncertainty and change.

360 also represents wholeness, unbrokenness, unity and maturity. That wholeness, unity, and fullness will also be manifested personally and pragmatically in our families, faith, and finances.  — Apostle Phillip A. Walker