7deadlysinsNo other holiday can elicit feelings of sadness and loneliness like the holiday season. All five of the human senses go into overdrive during this time. It might be a favorite carol or Christmas hymn, the smell of food or pine, the sights of decorations, the memory of a loved one, exhaustion or a host of other things that can trigger a paralyzing trip on our emotions and attitudes.

The dictionary defines “hollow” as without substance, worth, character, a cavity, hole or space, a void. Many would not think about their own vices being at the root of their hollowness – things like gluttony, pride, greed, lust, wrath, envy, and slothfulness zap the joy out of days that should be full of energy and joy. Instead of enjoying the season, we end up empty with weariness and despair.

Have you ever considered that the “seven deadly sins” may the reason why our days are hollow instead of holy? 

Join us for our seven-part Bible study series, Avoiding the “Hollow Days”, 7 p.m. each Wednesday*  in the sanctuary.

  • November 18: Lust
  • November 24: Gluttony **
  • December 2: Pride
  • December 9: Wrath
  • December 16: Envy
  • December 22: Greed **
  • January 6: Slothfulness

** The week of Thanksgiving, we will meet on Tuesday, November 24, instead of Wednesday. The week of Christmas, we will meet on Tuesday, December 22.