roofsliderAt 9 a.m. Saturday, April 11 we will have a Rainbow Brunch to acquire needed funds to replace our roof this June.  The total cost of this project is $17,000 dollars. Additional funds from our May Women of Excellence Conference will complete our 2015 Raise the Roof Capital Campaign Drive.

The Book of Haggai chronicles the intense struggle of the Jews because of their foot-dragging and halfhearted attempt to rebuild Solomon’s Temple after it’s destruction by an invading enemy. Jehovah got their attention by  “blowing on their blessings” (i.e.summer drought, withering crops, stunted vegetation). Their prosperity leaked away like water in a rusted-out bucket. However, they experienced a reversal of their misfortunes by responding to the prophet’s call to rebuild the Temple.

God still has the same concern about his house. When we take care of God’ s house, He releases his many blessings into ours. Many hands make light work. We are counting on each Mt. Pleasantonian to contribute at least $75.00 dollars toward this project.

The Sunday offering envelopes can be utilized to make a weekly or monthly contribution toward your personal goal. Please be sure to mark your contribution as “Building Fund” on the offering envelope to ensure its proper allocation.

If you’d like to attend the Rainbow Brunch, you must reserve your spot. Contact any member of the Benjamin Team for more information.