In July of 1981, Vickie and I had been married for approximately two years.  Like many young couples, we were experiencing many new things in our relationship. She was about seven months pregnant and we were expecting the arrival our first child.

We would leave our apartment many evenings when the blazing summer heat subsided and stroll through our neighborhood. We would walk past many beige-brick apartments, the rent office, the laundromat, the Fast Fare store, and Wachovia Bank. We would then hang a left and walk down Colby Drive as we slowly circled our way back home.

One evening as we made this loop, we walked past a large group of yellow and white honeysuckles in substantial bloom. Their intense fragrance was so explosive in the dense evening air that we had to stop for further scrutiny. I told her that when I was a child, we use to taste these flowers. Maybe you remember as a child breaking off the end of a honeysuckle, pulling out the hairlike strand from its middle and sampling its nectar. That moment was burned in both of our memories as we paused to taste the wild honey from a couple of the flowers.

Fast-forward to yesterday: My wife and I were riding the other day on a winding road that meandered through the NC State campus. The vehicle overheated, the air conditioning failed, and we had to wait until we could find alternative transportation. Guess where the vehicle broke down? In front of a large patch of honeysuckles with profuse, tubular yellow and white flowers.

We again tasted the honeysuckles and enjoyed the cool afternoon breeze. Another memory was imprinted with faint nectar from a wildflower 33 years later. God has a unique way of burning the most important things into our memories. He connects our past, present, and future with ordinary things through His divine design. Isn’t it amazing how He can interrupt our day, place common things in our pathway, and emblazon our longest lasting memories? Sometimes we may stop and sample the wild honey and sometimes He stops us for a reminder of what’s really important.

I wish my wife and daughter Cheri a very Happy Mother’s Day. I also wish all the moms reading this blog a very blessed Mother’s Day this weekend.

– Apostle Phillip A. Walker