Most Christians want to share their faith, but many believers avoid witnessing because of fear: fear of being rejected; fear of being ridiculed.  How can you overcome your fear in order to share the good news?

Share Jesus without Fear will teach you a natural, nonthreatening way to share the gospel that eliminates the pressure, the arguments and the fear of failure.  You will learn how to use simple questions in the course of everyday conversations to lead someone to faith in Christ.  You will also learn how to let the Bible provide the answers to someone’s spiritual need as the Holy Spirit convicts and convinces the person through the power of God’s word.

Sunday, May 18 is the introductory class, followed by four weeks of instruction. Certificates and a survey will be distributed during the last session.  Classes are from 9 a.m. to 10: 30 a.m.

The course is free, but materials are $8. Please register by May 4. For more information, please contact Evangelist Bonita Womack.