On Saturday, February 22, the Women of Excellence Ministry gathered to celebrate themselves in an event called “Loving Ourselves” (Genesis 1:26). Approximately 25 women gathered over a light lunch in the spirit of love and excitement.

Co-Pastor Walker gave an inspirational message about how women can learn to love the person who God created them to be. She said, “When God created us in His image, it was birthed through love. Therefore, we appreciate ourselves as God’s creation by loving ourselves enough to be made whole.”

She continued the message with the story of the man by the pool of Bethesda (John 5). The scripture describes an extraordinary pool. Every year, an angel would come down from heaven and “stir” the pool of water. This stirring would cause the water to have healing powers from God and whoever stepped into the pool first would be healed. Lying by the pool waiting on the angel was a man who had a severe disease for 38 years. When Jesus encountered the man, he asked if he wanted to be made whole. In response, the man gave excuses for why he could not get into the pool first when the angel stirred the water. Not knowing he was speaking to the son of God, Jesus told the man to rise, take his bed and walk.

Similarly, Co-Pastor Walker encouraged the women to not live in the failures of our past because God has opened doors. “Don’t stay where you are . . . this is our season. We haven’t been perfect, but we’ve been faithful,” said Co-Pastor Walker.

Join the Women of Excellence Ministry for their next event from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 15 for “Spring into Fitness”.