“You are the hands of God, you are the feet of God. . . . You need to be willing to go out and proclaim the word of God,” said Pastor Juan Elias Salas of Venezuela, during an impassioned talk at MPWOC on Sunday, March 24. “We need a community of believers with the fire and passion of God so we can move the foundations the enemy has built in our communities.”

Pastor Salas; his wife, Alves; and Venezuelan church members  and ministers Victoria and Gabriel of Venezuela were introduced by Pastor Williams Arzola of Iglesia Ciudad de Dios (City Church of God) in Raleigh. Ronnie, a member of Pastor Arzola’s church, translated their Spanish for MPWOC members.

Pastor Salas began his presentation with a video of missionaries working throughout the region of Maturin, Venezuela, where he said there are 33 different cultures. Through missionary work, the church has been able to reach those different societies and teach people about the love of Jesus.

“It is very easy to love the people who love us,” said Pastor Salas. “We need to ask God to love those people who hate us and reject us.”

Below are just a few photos of the event. For more, visit the MPWOC gallery on Flickr.