Sure, we admire Mary and Sarah, but some of us have shortcomings in our lives more like Jezebel’s and Delilah’s. The “Bad Girls of the Bible” series uses examples of “bad girls” from the Old and New Testaments to show how bad actions can affect our lives, and how we can be healed and forgiven by God.

Beginning at Bible Study on Wednesday, November 28 and continuing through January 23, for about seven more weeks, we will learn more about what each woman faced in biblical times and how they are very much like women today. In addition to Jezebel and Delilah, the list of women discussed include Eve, Lot’s wife, the Woman at the Well, Michal, Athaliah and Potiphar’s wife. Presenters include Minister Yvonne Johnson, Minister Katrina Swann, Associate Pastor Nettie Kershaw, Evangelist Bonita Womack, Evangelist Brendora King and Sister Sylvia Morrison.

Two more stories of biblical bad girls will be added later.

Bible Study is held at 7 p.m every Wednesday, preceded by a 6:30 p.m. prayer service.

All are welcome.