Did you know that it was at Bright Hope Divine Holy Church of God that our Apostle was saved many years ago? That was just one of many revelations shared during Friday’s Jubilee celebration by Apostle Walker and Bishop Verna L. Peterkin, our guest speaker for the evening.

And what an eventful evening it was as Bishop Peterkin spoke about this being Mt. Pleasant’s year of “explosive release”: “I hear the sound of the trumpet,” she said, “and I hear the praises going up!” Bright Hope is also celebrating 50 years, noted Bishop Peterkin.

Her main message was one of being committed to Christ no matter your circumstances. “You need to praise God in advance,” she said. “There ought to be a praise on the inside.”

Before Bishop Peterkin’s sermon, Sister Laurie Walker read “Salute to Our Present,” which was beautifully and movingly illustrated by our Garment of Praise team.

Throughout her sermon Bishop Peterkin referenced Luke 4:14-21, which also proclaims “the year of the Lord’s favor” as does our Year of Jubilee scriptural reference, Isaiah 61:1-4. “This is your year for increase. This is your year of overflow. Every 50 years, it is a year of increase restoration and release.”

Bishop believed strongly that Mt. Pleasant would experience sudden, explosive release in our Year of Jubilee, and cautioned that we all need to follow Jesus’ example of how to be faithful and committed.

“When you love God enough, when you have Jesus on the inside no one has to make you go to church,” she said. “And just because you go to church don’t say you going to heaven. You need to have a relationship with God.”

Scripture cited in Bishop Peterkin’s sermon includes Hebrews 10:5, Isaiah 61:1-4 and Luke 4:14-21.

Photos from Friday (9.7.12) night. View more in MPWOC’s online Flickr gallery.