It’s our Year of Jubilee, and Apostle Matthew Tillery had us all shouting about it last night, the first night of our 50th anniversary celebration. “I believe we are moving into a season where God is about to show off,” said Apostle Tillery, of Tri-Faith Ministries in Rocky Mount. This move, this “prophetic restoration” as Apostle Tillery defined it, has nothing to do with the works of the church or the congregation, he said. “He’s just bringing you into what already exists in the realm of the spirit.”

It was a night of praise and rejoicing along with members of the Tri-Faith Ministries congregation who traveled to celebrate with us. Sister Danaka Walker read “Salute to our Past”, a piece about Mt. Pleasant’s  very humble beginnings with a large bee hive in its rafters and its location alongside an unpaved road that rain would convert to a heel-snatching river of red clay. “In many ways, this (beehive) incident and the sticky, red clay are parabolic of the Mt. Pleasant’s early years,” Sister Walker read. “God brought sweetness out of adversity and helped us walk through some of the muddiest of times.”

Sister Martialique Hodge then led our Garment of Praise team in the impassioned “Setting the Captives Free.”

Apostle Tillery kept many of us on our feet shouting “Year of Jubilee!” as he spoke of all that’s coming our way. “The first thing we have to do in this Year of Jubilee is rest in the Lord, Tillery instructed. “The Year of Jubilee is not just an historical message, but a restoration message where God makes history.

“You are about to walk into something that’s going to blow your mind,” he said, leaving us with this admonishment: “We must make sure our praise is synonymous with our breakthrough.”

Scripture cited in Apostle Tillery’s sermon include Isaiah 61:1-4 Acts 3:19 and Jeremiah 29:11.

Tonight our celebration continues. Bishop Verna Peterkin of Raleigh’s Bright Hope Divine Holy Church of God is our guest speaker. Service begins at 8 p.m.

Some photos from last night. View more in MPWOC’s online Flickr gallery.