ion 006" src="" alt="" width="336" height="448" srcset=" 480w, 225w" sizes="(max-width: 336px) 100vw, 336px" />At Bible Study last Wednesday, Apostle Walker talked about greatness. “Greatness without God is celebrity.  . . .  Satan always offers a crown without a price,” he said. “Celebrity dies with the person. But when you serve, you become great, and you’re always remembered.”

This weekend’s services of appreciation for Apostle Walker’s ST 10 and 12: Pastors Appreciation Services" href="">18th Pastoral Anniversary clearly showed that the MPWOC’s leader  is truly great and well-loved, as is Co-Pastor Vickie Walker, who celebrates 13 years of ministry.

Bishop Howard V. Winston, cloaked in red regalia, kicked off the celebration Friday night: “This guy is no ordinary guy,” said the pastor of Trinity United Faith Center Church, speaking about  our Apostle. “You see the glory, but you don’t know the story.” He then shared tales about how he, Apostle Walker and Co-Pastor had known one another for more than 30 years, and said that Apostle Walker has been touched by the spirit.

“You need to honor you leader. When he has church, you should be there to get what God has intended for you,” said Bishop Winston, which was in line with his sermon topic: Jesus, Give Me What You Got. He preached about the need for spiritual fire in the church, because without the Holy Ghost in the church, “you’ve got nothing but fellowship.” Our hearts must be right, he said, and we must be in place to receive the teachings so there can be a transfer of spiritual power – much like Peter gave the beggar outside the temple in Acts 3:2-8. “Everyone needs to be of one accord to celebrate God and lift up their leader,” said Bishop Winston.

Sunday was an amazing day of celebration from morning to evening, beginning with an 11 a.m. service full of dance presentations and gifts. Following performances from Little Hands of Worship, Junior Brothers of Praise, Combined Worship and Garment of Praise, members and ministry leaders lined up to present gifts to our leaders, including a beautiful, red, pastoral robe for Co-Pastor Vickie Walker – a gift from the women of Mt. Pleasant.

Then MPWOC’s own Evangelist Lynwood Swann led the first of two services on Isaiah 61:1-4, about our Year of Jubilee. Calling Isaiah “the greatest Old Testament prophet,” Evangelist Swann’s message focused on the three points mirrored in the selected text: salvation, deliverance and restoration.

At 4 p.m.’s final service of our Pastors Appreciation weekend, Pastor James P.  Perkins of Victory Tabernacle Church simply brought down the house with his message about “apostolic release”.

Like Bishop Winston, Pastor Perkins has known Apostle Walker for more than 30 years. He also knew Pastor’s mother, Elder Lois Hinton, who founded Mt. Pleasant, and said that the best way to tell if someone has been chosen by God to lead is if the church goes on without them after they’ve passed. “That 50 years means something to God for Mt. Pleasant,” said Pastor Perkins.

In addition to the Isaiah scripture, Pastor Perkins noted Hebrews 13:7, 13:17 and 13:24, urging us to respect our leaders and submit to their authority, adding that the rank of Apostle is difficult to achieve. “Everyone that God elevated, he tested. He tried. He proved,” said Pastor Perkins. “Mt. Pleasant is privileged to be a part of Apostle and Co-Pastor’s commission.”

Enjoy the photos below. See more photos in our Flickr gallery.