In Acts chapter 2, there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church. The Father and Son released the Holy Spirit to take the place of Jesus as our Comforter. Jesus was the Comforter when he walked the earth with his disciples. In his absence, the Holy Spirit was released (poured out) to continue Christ’s mission.

This work of the Holy Spirit is in no way inferior to the ministry of Christ two thousand years ago. He is God the Holy Spirit and he dwells within us. We never refer to the Holy Spirit as an “it” because He is a person.

He desires to fill us with his presence. When we were born again, we were baptized into the body of Christ. We were positioned as God’s children, have had a change of heart, and are no longer children of disobedience. This initial baptism established a relationship with the Father.

God desires that we have another experience beyond being positioned as his children. He desires that all of his children be filled with his Holy Spirit. God fills us with his Holy Spirit after we do two simple things: ask for the filling of the Holy Spirit, then believe that God will do just that. He will then fill us with his Holy Spirit with these two simple conditions (ask and believe). We do not have to tarry (i.e., wait) for someone who has already arrived.

The Holy Spirit will help us live out our new relationship with the Father, help us to operate in supernatural spiritual gifts, anoint us with resurrection power, and lead and guide us into all truth as he renews our thinking. He renews our thinking to match our renewed heart.

There is a supernatural release of God’s power that is occurring in the spiritual realm in these last days, according to Acts chapter 2. God has released his Spirit, but it is up to us to be filled with his presence.