There is a TV commercial by a company named Vonage that states the following: “We all do dumb things.” They then show a man cutting a tree down and it lands on top of his car. Talk about doing something dumb.

We all have the potential of taking foolish actions and making foolish decisions (doing dumb things) if we do not seek God for wisdom. What we end up doing is making a fleshly decision. Foolishness is bound in our fleshly nature, but if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation.

Any time we make critical decisions without wisdom, we are making foolish choices. We must continually pray for wisdom as our action affects others (James 1:5). Wisdom comes from God and we must continually learn to be wise.

If we are open and sensitive to the Holy Spirit, He will teach us wisdom in our experiences. If we are smart, we will apply the lessons of wisdom that others have learned through their painful experiences. The Bible is a rich source true wisdom!

Wisdom to a fool is like water on a duck’s back. No amount of arguing, persuading, pleading, threatening, or even cussing back at a fool will change him/her. Logic will break down and tears will be ineffective. Strong discipline will not work once the fool gets old enough. Fools have to learn in a very stern manner – which life will teach them, usually over a very lengthy time – not to be foolish.

All of us in life have done some dumb things! Let us strive to avoid doing more “dumb things” by seeking God for wisdom, as her value is priceless!

— Apostle Phillip A. Walker