bookcover4webIn An Invitation to the Extraordinary, Apostle Walker chronicles a tragedy at Mt. Pleasant that rattled the very core of our church. The events that followed were life-transforming. An Invitation to the Extraordinary was published in June 2012.

An excerpt . . .

The cancer of mediocrity plagues our society by infecting our spirits and attitudes, disposing us to be satisfied with the ordinary. We experience its numbing effects in all areas of life.

However, extraordinary people rise above the regular routine by turning justified frustration into action. They move forward, move out, and move on. They anticipate the turbulence created by the convergence of crisis, risk, and opportunity generated by life’s transitional storms.

These storms blow into our lives to drive us from mediocrity to extraordinary living. What we have done in the past does not work against the unusual energy these tempests release.

An Invitation to the Extraordinary: Releasing the Water-Walker Within dares us to move from our ordinary zone to our explosive zone. It offers fresh insight to help transition those tired of riding out their storms to a walk in the extraordinary. You can rise above your tempest and walk across the circumstantial waters of life. We all need water-walking skills as we encounter personal crisis, an unstable economy, and a troubling future. The rapid rate of global change demands a higher level of accomplishment.

In June of 2008, God allowed an unpredictable thunderstorm of epic proportions to rumble through our ministry. These tornadic winds blew from all directions, threatening our sense of well being, spiritual balance, and self-worth. While we eagerly expected the words of healing and survival from Christ, what we actually received was an invitation. What unfolded during this anxious time would be a challenging life transformation of monumental proportion.

Now, four years later, Apostle Phillip A. Walker, Mt. Pleasant’s Senior Pastor, has chronicled the tragedy that threatened our congregation’s spiritual balance. The events that followed were life-transforming – for the church, and the Pastor as well.

An Invitation to the Extraordinary: Releasing the Water-Walker Within is available in both hardback and softback editions, and can be ordered online via Pendium Publishing or